Medical Aesthetics, Ltd. is owned and operated by Jean Borrelli, RN, APN. Jean received her MS from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Upon receipt of her degree she was licensed as an advanced practice nurse as a certified nurse-midwife. She practiced in Chicago suburban area hospitals for several years before cultivating her expertise in aesthetic medicine and later opening her doors in Edison Park, Chicago in 2009. Currently, Jean is currently pursuing a family practice nurse practitioner post-masters certificate program from Bradley University.

Jean’s interest in aesthetic medicine began when she observed how quality-of-life and longevity are positively affected when patients look and feel their best. Devoted to the practice of women’s health, she combined her inspiration with medical grade procedures and products to offer her clients a more youthful and healthful appearance — and even help slow the process of the appearance of aging.

Jean Borrelli understands both women and men have highly individualized needs when it comes to the way they look. “I offer geographically and financially accessible procedures,” she says, “I am always reminding my clients that aesthetic techniques are not just for the rich and famous.”

During an appointment, clients experience privacy and customized care designed to their individual level of need. “It is my aim to address all of your questions individually and at a comfortable pace,” Jean says. “And then providing and maintaining natural and beautiful looking results — no matter what your age or skin type may be.”

Thanks to ongoing advancements in the medical aesthetic industry, the effects of aging caused by heredity, lifestyle and environmental factors should no longer be viewed as permanent. Today, Medical Aesthetics offers several facial and body rejuvenation options for those who want to improve the signs of aging.

Jean works side-by-side, consulting and collaborating with board-certified physicians whose practices include the specialty of aesthetic medicine. These relationships provide the utmost in safe and state-of-the-art care practices.

Jean Borrelli
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Nurse Practitioner
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Reception / Comedian

Providing and maintaining natural and beautiful looking results — no matter what your age or skin type may be.