Jean Borelli, RN, APN

Advanced Practice Nurse & Nurse Practitioner

Located in Edison Park, Chicago, IL


About Jean Borelli RN, APN

Jean Borrelli RN, APN, is the owner and operator of Medical Aesthetics, Ltd. that opened in 2009 in the Edison Park neighborhood of Chicago. Jean’s interest in aesthetic medicine began as she worked with patients and observed how their quality of life and longevity were positively affected when they looked and felt their best. That’s when she decided to combine her inspiration with evidence-based aesthetic procedures and skin care products, creating a practice where her clients can achieve a more youthful appearance and slow down the impact of time on aging.

Jean received her Master of Science from the University of Illinois at Chicago. After graduating, she was licensed as an advanced practice nurse and certified as a nurse-midwife. She practiced in hospitals in suburban Chicago for several years before cultivating her expertise in aesthetic medicine and opening her own practice in Chicago. Jean received her post-master’s certificate as a family nurse practitioner in 2018.

With an understanding of how women and men have individualized needs when it comes to their appearances, Jean provides customized care, delivering natural-looking results for people of all ages.