PDO Threads

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A PDO thread lift is the only nonsurgical procedure that lifts and tightens, producing subtle but immediate results while strengthening your skin as new collagen is formed where PDO threads are placed. Jean Borrelli, APRN / Bridget Flanagan, APRN, at Medical Aesthetics, Ltd., in the Edison Park region of Chicago, perform the PDO threading technique, customizing treatments to target specific problem areas. To learn more about this unique procedure, reserve an appointment online or call the office today.

PDO Threads

What are PDO threads?

A PDO (polydioxanone) thread is a type of dissolvable suture that is inserted into the dermal layer of skin. Your provider at Medical Aesthetics, Ltd., inserts PDO thread under your skin, then uses the thread to tighten and lift your skin.

Depending on the type of PDO thread inserted, results may be immediate.” Regardless of the type of PDO thread inserted, all PDO threads will dissolve within 4-6 months leaving behind new collagen. Results typically last 9-12 months.


Why use PDO threads?

PDO thread is a medical-grade product with characteristics that work well for a thread lift. The thread is strong and lasts a long time before dissolving and being absorbed by your body, allowing plenty of time for collagen production.

Some types of PDO thread are smooth, while others are made to grip and lift your skin, giving your provider at Medical Aesthetics, Ltd., the ability to choose the one that works best for your aesthetic needs.


What areas of the face and body are treated with a PDO thread lift?

Since a PDO thread lift can target virtually any area of your face, your treatment is customized to meet your needs. Your provider can strategically place PDO thread in problem areas, such as the corner of your eyes to improve crow’s feet, or target larger areas like your cheeks and jowls.


How is a PDO thread lift performed?

Your PDO thread lift is done under local anesthesia to numb your skin. Your provider then gently guides the thread below your skin in the areas being treated using a needle or cannula.

Most thread lifts take about 30-60 minutes, but you’ll learn more about your treatment during your appointment. While many clients return to their normal routine, you may experience some temporary redness, soreness, and swelling.


Can a thread lift be combined with other aesthetic treatments?

You can combine a thread lift with several other complementary treatments. Once your skin heals at the needle insertion points, you can consider options such as dermal fillers or treatments to improve your skin tone and eliminate age spots. No lasers, IPL for one month in areas where threads were placed.

If you’d like to learn more about PDO thread lifts, call Medical Aesthetics, Ltd., or schedule an appointment online today.

*Individual results may vary.